It is summer already and there is one thing we all hope… to lose these kilos we’ve gained all year round! What is the first food we think and declare? Salads! That’s why here at Alion have here 5 detox salads that you need to add in your diet, that will weaken, detoxify the body, burn fat and give plenty of benefits to the body and skin!

Made from antioxidant foods and super-foods, they are both delicious, nutritious, nutritious and low in calories!

Salad with broccoli, cucumber and avocado

A green salad with lots of vegetables rich in protein and vitamins. Extra tip: Winter broccoli has more antioxidants than summer broccoli!

Salad with quinoa, cabbage and spinach

Cool and very tasty. Take advantage of the nutrients of nuts and the antioxidant properties of quinoa.

Salad with salmon, blueberries and feta cheese

A super dish of super-foods that speeds slimming and helps clarity of the brain! Salmon and avocado will give you all the necessary good fat.

Salad with rocket, beetroot and carrot

A salad with fresh vegetables has a high content of vitamins A, B, C, E and K, which means that besides fast weight loss, you will have a beautiful and shiny skin.

Salad with orange, mandarin and avocado

Citrus fruits will provide you with lots of vitamins and antioxidants. Best to lose the pounds you want but also to clean your body with toxins!