Salad with avocado and walnuts

Salad with avocado and walnuts

Try the Salad with avocado and walnuts. A unique salad for your guests!

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Salad with avocado and walnuts


  • 1 Crunchy Salad
  • 4 avocado peeled and sliced
  • 150 gr coarsely chopped walnuts

For the dressing

  • 200 ml walnut oil (if you can’t find walnut oil, replace it with olive oil)
  • 100 ml wine vinegar
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper


Put all dressing ingredients in a blender and mix well. Arrange the salad on a plate, top with avocado and then add the walnuts.


Finally, drizzle with the dressing. Enjoy!

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